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Santa Ana, CA


March 12

I am inspired to

Enjoying each moment like its the last

My top 5 goals:

* advocate for constituents on foreign policies * get legislation to pass * help students get educated *help give youth a voice *see if our economy is being properly divided

My bio:

As I look upon the past and what defines me as an individual I know I have had my struggles. I was born with a hole in my heart and since it never fully closed, I have suffered through multiple sicknesses throughout my twenty-two years of life. Furthermore, as I entered middle school my parents and I discovered that my heart had not fully cured. I had to go to a cardiologist constantly as well as use a lot of medications. Moreover, as I entered high school my father was imprisoned, which took a tool on our family. We went through a lot of economic issues in which we sometimes did not have food to cover us. During this time, I was almost kidnapped while walking home from school. It was a traumatizing event that changed my life for the worst because I became paranoid and fearful of walking alone. During my high school time, I also lost two family members. However, the hardest years of my life were entering college. As I entered college I began working. During one of those days I was sexually harassed by a group of men. They showed me their private parts, released themselves in a cup and starting talking how much I would enjoy them, amongst other things. I was beyond terrified to do anything about so I kept frozen until the bus arrived. As I entered the bus they still continued cat calling me even though the bus had turn green for them to leave. This experience made me question myself and what I believed in. Whether if I led them on by how I was dressed, the way I was sitting, the makeup I wore, the way I spoke, ext. I never felt so much hatred towards myself then at that moment. When I arrived home I broke down crying, took a shower and tried to clean myself clean, began having thoughts of harming myself, ext. It was not a good moment in my life. As I entered my second year in college I discover that my mom had to get multiple check-up because her doctors thought she had cancer again. Up to this point my mom had already had cancer twice. Furthermore, I started getting sick but I did not want to worry anyone so I kept silent. It reached the point where I was having fevers most nights, sweating all the time, having nose bleeds, and fainting; until I decided to tell someone. I went to the doctor and discovered my liver was not functioning. It was a terrifying experience for me since I keep my family grounded because I have always been the optimistic one. Moreover, that summer I lost my grandmother to cancer and discovered I had anemia. The doctors explained to me how cancer is hereditary and if not taken properly my anemia may turn to leukemia. However, throughout all those struggles I never lost hope that God kept me on earth because he wanted me to positively impact others life. I found ways to cope and be the person everyone needed to stay sane. Right now, I surpassed being sexually harassed again as well as being assaulted. I have entered another difficult time because my parents after thirty years of marriage are entering the stages of divorce. I am heartbroken because every child wants their parents to stay together. However, above anything I want my parents to be happy even if it is no longer being together. I run with my heart and always put everyone’s emotions above myself. I dedicate my life to serving others. Therefore, I want to gift my mother by being able to get an education since she could not. She sacrificed so much to give my brother and I the best life. However, although I am the youngest of the siblings I am taking responsibility to care for my mom while my brother moves away.

My website address:

http://2511 West Sunflower


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    Greetings Jessica, 

    It is to network with you here on YoungInc.LA. I am very much looking forward to working with you from our previous conversations. I will be in touch soon. 

    - Ramon 

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