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November 29

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My top 5 goals:

- Establish a well-equipped education centre with the relevant technology to promote a competitive edge in a fast paced globalizing world - Enhanced Outreach, Evangelism and Discipleship to raise and nurture God fearing and responsible and well-rounded students - Provide material and financial support to the vulnerable children at CCEC - Provision of affordable quality education - Skills training for children and the youth and promote enhanced organizational capacity, and building a strong financial resource base - Establish a sustainable feeding program for the CCEC children. How will objective be accomplished? The Specific objectives will lead the centre to establish the following - Education Centre - Recreational centre equipped with technology to serve the students and community. - Library equipped with relevant books for empowerment. - Projects that will support the centre to be self-sustainable. - Health Facilities to fight malnutrition in the Kibera slum and it environs

My bio:

I was born in western part of Kenya, the only boy among six ladies and 5th born in my family. I came to Nairobi in 1992 to search for a job and found myself in Kibera slum. After many years staying in Kibera January of 2009 God spoke to me about doing something for the many children in Kibera slum. I did not know how to do it but after meditation the vision came clearly and in September 2009 together with my wife we cast the net in the waters with only 3 children to take care of. I got a church that gave us the hole and we have been using it since then. The challenges have been enormous but we have kept the hope alive. Currently I have 340 students, managed to secure seven additional rooms to help decongest the church hall. I have vast experiences working with children thus worked relentlessly to bring quality education to the children of Cheery Children Education Center and beyond recognizing that education is the pathway to a successful, economically stable life. I am resourceful, hard-working, dedicated to linking CCEC to the global world via Skype, google hangout,Edmond,epals etc. to set it as a model of change and lead Kibera slum to showcase that despite it all children have an equal opportunity to access education. I provide at a least a meal for the children while in school which has been a challenge but I thank God he has been on our side. I have a plan of building the school and getting people on board who can support us sustain a feeding program for the children, build for them good classrooms, playground etc. I have a passion for children thus the core foundation of the centre for children. The centre takes care of vulnerable children in Kibera Nairobi Kenya who have different backgrounds. My guiding principal has been "We choose to go....not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because that goal will serve to measure and organize the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win”. Thus global education via technology platform.

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  • Thanks I will be waiting

  • #NextGen Delegate

    I will be following up with you soon as well, further wanted to note that you have been included in the #NextGenLeaders thought process.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

  • .LA Collaborator

    Brother Jairus, We can schedule tomorrow afternoon or Sunday morning. I would like to get you in touch with my contacts in Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Let's arrange on key points and plan a discussion with the proper information and get others involved. Let me know what schedule works for you. Thank you!

    -Ramon Barajas III

  • #NextGen Delegate

    Thank you for your feedback, I feel that we are organizing Burmese youth very well as STUDENTdirect International, and we will start the process for youth in phillipines.

    But in that duration I hope we can start formatting something in Africa.

    We have organizers in Nigeria, so I think this can be put in perspective, feel free to create a discussion, you may do so by hovering to the volunteer tab, a sub tab will appear titled Discuss, click that sub tab and follow the prompts.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

  • Yes am available over the weekend.When do you want us to touch base and at what time?

  • .LA Collaborator

    Brother Jairus, I wish to speak with you at some point this week and get a few arrangements organized with you and your organization. 

  • Hello I am here to share what am doing here in Kenya at Kibera Slum and I believe together we can change how things are done.


  • #NextGen Delegate

    I really appreciate all that you have done. Looking forward in further discussing.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

  • .LA Collaborator

    Greetings Sir brother Jairus. I warmly welcome you to the YoungINC.LA community. I am really impressed with the community development you have accomplished in you're region.

    I look forward to working with your organization and other leaders of other organizations in the region to address your goals in education, sustainability, technology, and health. 

    I invite you to give your feedback on the following discussions. Your feedback is important in the direction of our purpose and mission. 

    -Fighting for Humanitarian Rights

    -The need to address the current state of African Region

    I look forward to your feedback and supporting your initiative. 

This reply was deleted.

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