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JBM Strategies Leads...

Whether it is in tech, multimedia, government, economy, medicine, science, or engineering, JBM Strategies leads. We solve global issues by combining multilateral solutions that traditional organizations cannot approach.

As such, our groups collaborate closely with each other, governments, nongovernmental organizations, educational institutions, industries, companies, organizations, and populations throughout the world.

This is made possible by the beyond-the-edge leadership, management, and vision that composes the JBM Strategies conglomerate.

...In Government, Nongovernmental Organizations, Economies, Societies, and Populations

JBM Community maintains relationships with governments and NGOs. STUDENTdirect Foundation is a prime example of how JBM Community affects economies and societies across the globe.

Because of our experience in the international field, we understand that solving any one problem, such as hunger, war, and disease, is not a permanent nor adequate solution. As such, JBM Community has overseen development of the STUDENTdirect Foundation to connect students around the world to solve today's problems in order to prepare them to take charge of their governments, economies, and societies.

JBM Community provided STUDENTdirect with, a web interface solution that helps students collaborate virtually and in real-time to solve global issues. In addition, JBM Community and helps connect students around the world with supporters, donors, and partners who are as committed as them to solve international and local issues.

Future developments include providing adequate education in order to solve issues and preparing local populations for natural disasters.

With JBM Community, STUDENTdirect is the will and voice of those who can throughout the world. By empowering such individuals with the platform to communicate and collaborate along with bringing together established organizations, JBM Community leads in solving international problems.

"An interesting example of how the bottom-up approach and top-down meet."

...In Multimedia

YoungINC.LA is an excellent example to show how JBM Strategies continues to combine multiple industries to create a solution.

With the multimedia and creative industry throughout the world, there are no satisfying systematic approaches to organizing, incubating, and cultivating ideas, productions, and franchises. With the dawn of new tech solutions, JBM Strategies has implemented these solutions into new and dynamic ways to promulgate these industries under one umbrella - JB Talent.

JB Talent uses technology, culture, and existing networks to create new intellectual properties (I.P.), to broker the distribution of these technologies throughout the world, and to have creative teams to carry the vision of the intellectual property through.

And with close cooperation with JBM Community, JB Talent will cultivate these talents and I.P. in educational systems across the globe.

"JBM and STUDENTdirect establishes studios across campuses and within campuses to be the first cultivators and accelerators that multimedia students and professionals go to."

...In Tech

JB Management, the tech arm of JBM Strategies, manage tech startups from inception to beyond the Initial Public Offering (I.P.O.) stages. Through expert leadership, guidance, ingenuity and commitment, the founders, stockholders, and management of our clients are given the best chances for their venture to succeed without the fallout that mires the industry.

What separates JB Management from every other competitor is our custom-made relationship with JBM Community and STUDENTdirect. As in JBM Strategies' multimedia arm, JB Management's incubators and accelerators are across campuses and within campuses. JB Management cultivates the best talent and grooms them to succeed with their ventures.

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