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With STUDENTS around banding together internationally under one organization - STUDENTdirect, there is no greater way to make an impact on global issues!

An internship with STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation creates the most change, gives you the most real-world experience, and introduces you to a community of leaders and pioneers that will continue to lead governments, industries, and people around the world to a brighter, more cooperative future.

Student first....

Student first, or better known as STUDENT 1, shows the ideas, programming, and multimedia content that matters to students.

As a result, STUDENT 1 shows the best ideas and concepts from students who have the intellect and drive to impact today's leaders, whether they are in school or veterans in their profession.

STUDENT 1 shows how students and professionals from every discipline - multimedia, business, tech, humanities, and communication - help learn from each other. Better yet, STUDENT 1 is a great example of how professionals, aspiring leaders, students and the community can collaborate to solve today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Be sure to stay tuned and check out future content on STUDENTdirect TV.

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Are you ready to take your passion and education to the next level?

Then step up to a whole new world of peerless leaders, and click here to sign up at mystudentdirect.org. Indicate that you want a STUDENTdirect internship, and you will be pre-qualified to intern with our organization.

With YoungINC.LA and STUDENTdirect, internships have a whole new meaning. No other program will open your eyes and introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities and young leaders.

So what are you waiting for? Join the movement, and let's change the world together!



Jai Marquel Pellerin published bulletin in Rock Girls Basketball
I reposted since I had trouble seeing your replies to my previous update, but I was informed about your progress. Please create a new submission with the script, and reply here with the URL so we can move forward. As always, you can ask your new med…
Aug 13
Brian Antezana published bulletin
Grow Your Network: Add Peers
Grow your network by adding peers on YoungINC.LA. Learn more: http://www.younginc.la/guide/grow-your-network-add-peers/
Posted by YoungINC.LA on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

If you find someone in Create Team you’d like to ne…
Jul 19
Brian Antezana published bulletin in Ignited Foundation
Delphi Village and SymbioNet are asking Ignited Foundation to be a part of them. Check out the following and reply with your opinion. Please see the attachment as well:

From: Matthew Belair <matt@zenathlete.com>
Great to chat…
Below is an update on…
Jul 19
Brian Antezana published bulletin
Interact: Reply
Interact with YoungINC.LA team members by replying to submissions and to other replies.
Posted by YoungINC.LA on Sunday, July 17, 2016

Replies are one of the best ways to interact with other team members and submissions.
Any reply t…
Jul 17
Brian Antezana published bulletin
Interact: Review and Follow
Interact with YoungINC.LA team members by reviewing and following submissions.
Posted by YoungINC.LA on Sunday, July 17, 2016

Show that you have finished reviewing a submission by clicking the Review button, which…
Jul 17
Brian Antezana published bulletin
Jul 15
Brian Antezana published bulletin in STUDENTdirect Publications
Jun 19
Chairman Joshua Chit Tun published bulletin in #NextGenLeaders
During my campaign for US Senate, Su Win Htet joined YoungINC.LA to pursue her mission to create equitable, adequate health care system for her country, Myanmar. Since she has proven herself as part of #NextGenLeaders, I wholeheartedly support and t…
Jun 15
Brian Antezana published bulletin in STUDENTdirect Publications
Jun 11
Brian Antezana published bulletin in STUDENTdirect Publications
#NextGenLeaders attending Hillary Clinton's campaign event at Boyle Height, Los Angeles, CA. Left to right: Michael Ondrejka, Ramon Barajas III, and Brian Antezana
Latino's Future Depends on Clinton's Adaptability
Los Angeles,…
Jun 7

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