If a channel is linked to a Google+ page, then multiple people can manage the channel without sharing passwords. For someone to manage the YouTube channel, they must be listed as a manager of the linked page.

  1. Only the owner of the Google+ page can add or remove managers. Sign into the page owner Google Account.
  2. On YouTube, make sure you pick the right channel. Then go to the channel's account settings and click Add or remove managers.
  3. To add a manager, enter the email address of whoever you want to be a manager. Click Invite. Once they accept the invitation, they’ll then be able to access that channel from their own Google Account.
    To remove a manager, find the manager you want to remove, and click the X by their name. They will no longer be able to access the channel from their Google Account.

Learn more about adding managers and removing managers on a Google+ page.

Note: Communications managers have limited access to YouTube and can't upload YouTube videos. Learn more about roles on Google.

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