On YoungINC.LA, you have the ability to add tags to your individual content items. Tags are a great way to further categorize news posts, such as Bulletins and Discuss, and submissions, such as Enter Contests.

A tag will appear beneath the content item in question. Here’s how this looks when viewing a submission in Enter Contests that has been tagged with “#teamruxyftw”, “ruxanda calistru”, "miss california globe", "2014", "moldova", "international", "pageant", "queen of the universe", "start up", "jb talent".Click on any of those tags to see other submissions in Enter Contests with that same tag. In this example, clicking on the “jb talent” tag goes to a page showing that there is other submissions tagged with the word “jb talent”:Clicking on the “jb talent” tag also generates a URL specific to your tagged query and will look something like http://www.younginc.la/beingyoungincla/list/tag/jb+talent

Did you know?

You can add up to 100 characters in the Tags section.

Separate tags with commas and put any multiple-word tags in quotes.

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