Many groups approach the subject of how to fundraise effectively.

After much research this is a creative solution one should experiment with. Please browse diligently to see if this solution would work well for your organization.

As you browse through their site and compare bonfire funds to other services you will understand why every group should experiment with it.

Merchandising is a great way to brand, engage your supporters, market, and fundraise however it can be costly and the logistics can be a nightmare, but with Bonfire Funds they seem to have solved this by taking on such risks themselves and leaving you to do what you love most about your organization.

Bonfire Funds can be used in a variety of ways, how they raise funds is unique, the breakdown is very transparent, and for your supporters it is now easy for them to share and get involved with your campaigns.

Do not regret that the organization you are responsible for, you only wished that you implemented Bonfire Funds sooner. Do not make the same mistake of purchasing custom shirts at the mall ranging from 25 -35 dollars, without options that might be the only solution to providing volunteers with branded shirts, further there was no way you should take on the logistics of buying in bulk 3,000 branded shirts, so in this thought process when there is a solution where you do not have to invest in the upfront costs, only setting up the fund and the design of your apparel, after which promote and share amongst your volunteers, friends, and supporters, the next step is to simply get started. 

A link has been provided that will give you more info on how to get started with your fundraising efforts with Bonfire Funds.  

- YoungINC.LA

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