Brands are a great way to organize YoungINC.LA subscribers into a dynamic team. To create a brand, click "Develop Brand"...

...then click "+ Create a Brand" button.

You’ll now be able to edit your brand’s basic information as well as adjust a few privacy and permission settings.

To help respect privacy wishes within a brand, whenever a brand is created, and the “Who can join?” drop-down menu is set to “Only invited subscribers,” by default any pages created in the brand will be visible to brand subscribers only.

Fill in information about your brand:

  • Give your brand a name
  • Fill out a description for your brand. If your group has another website, or a location, you can add it here!
  • Edit the brand URL
  • Customize how you refer to brand subscribers
  • Upload a brand logo (use one that’s roughly square in size to avoid it getting distorted)
  • Add a banner image

If you’re creating a brand that’s a bit more exclusive, you can also set who can join the well as who can send invitations.

There are also brand admin permissions settings, which you can use to really tailor how brand administrators can manage a brand.You can set whether admins can:

When creating a Brand, a Comment Wall is included. Comment Walls allow Brand Subscribers to leave comments on the Brand page rather than only on News posts. You can choose between any of the native comment styles that we provide.Click “Create” and your brand will be added to YoungINC.LA!
Click here to learn more about Brands.

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