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Many groups approach the subject of how to fundraise effectively.

After much research this is a creative solution one should experiment with. Please browse diligently to see if this solution would work well for your organization.

As you browse thro

Network with peers that want to advise new ventures [+Advisors (+Ad)], compete in athletic competitions [+Athletes (+At)], learn new skills [+Interns (+I)], manage other YoungINC.LA Subscribers via YoungINC.LA Brands [+Management (+Ma)], create new m

If you have permission to send newsletters, you can head to the “Options” button that displays on any brand you manage and select the “Manage Brand Subscribers” option from the drop-down menu.1922426?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Then click on the “Send a newsletter to all Brand Subscr


You have worked so hard to create your brand, but before you can promote it, you need a very well done website with two goals in mind to engage and to fundraise.
This is very important as you move forward, and even though you have created br

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  1. Have you developed your name, logo, and tagline?

    Simply to get started, click the create brand link and follow the prompts. Your name is crucial, it defines your brand image. Your logo serves as the face of your brand, if you do not have a logo net

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Are you ready to brand yourself and your new idea, if so here are a few pointers in what developing a brand actually involves.

At YoungINC.LA consider these steps when developing a brand.

  1. What exactly are you going to brand?

    Are you branding a p

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