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Discuss your ideas with the YoungINC.LA community in Discuss.

Posted by YoungINC.LA on Friday, July 15, 2016

Discuss your ideas with the YoungINC.LA community in Discuss.

Point your mouse on "Volunteer." Then, click "Discuss" on the dropdown menu.

Click the "+ Add Announcement" to add your idea.
Besides entering text, you can upload a lead image to give your visitors a nice visual summary of what’s inside the rest of your post. This image will show up on social media when others reference your Discuss' URL.

In the main body of the post, you have the option to add more images...

...and attachments up to 7 MB...

...or switch to HTML mode and paste code in directly if you’re composing in an external HTML editor. HTML mode is also where you can add embed codes for photo slideshows, videos, and music.

Once you’re done with your post, you have the option of adding an excerpt, which will display on the Discuss page. This can be useful for casual readers and those who access your blog via RSS or search engine links. Also, this excerpt will show up on social media when someone refers to your Discuss' URL.

By default, we’ll generate a link for your new Discuss submission based on its title, but you can always change the URL to be whatever you like.

Before publishing your new submission, add any tags you want—these will help organize Discuss submissions...

...and choose when you want to publish it.

You can even save a draft for now and publish the Discuss submission when it’s polished, or set it to publish sometime in the future.

After your post is published, it will be open to comments.

You can always choose to close comments on your post and reopen them whenever you like.

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