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    • California Fair Political Practices Commission -
      • California Form 410 | Statement of Organization: Recipient Committee
        • May submit immediately
        • When to File
          • Within 10 days of receiving $1,000.00 in contributions
            • Include a $50.00 payment made payable to the Secretary of State
              • The $50.00 fee is due annually no later than January 15
          • Early Submissions
            • Mark the "not yet qualified" box
            • The $50.00 fee is legally required when the group qualifies as a committee
        • The committee's FPPC ID number will be posted at Home | California Secretary of State
        • All committees must now disclose the financial institution and bank account number used by the committee
        • Where to File
          • All Committees
            • Original
              • SECRETARY OF STATE
                1500 11TH ST RM 495
                SACRAMENTO CA 95814-5701
            • County and City Committees
        • Amendments
        • 24-Hour Reporting
        • Who Files: Recipient Committees
          • "Contributions" include monetary payments, loans, and non-monetary goods and services received or made for a political purpose
          • Persons (including an officeholder or candidate), organizations, groups, or other entities that raise contributions from others totaling $1,000.00 or more in a calendar year to spend on California elections qualify as a recipient committee
            • They must register with the Secretary of State and report all receipts and expenditures
          • Existing nonprofit organizations, federal and out-of-state PACs, and other multipurpose organizations that receive contributions from others and make occasional expenditures in California elections must also register as a recipient committee with the Secretary of State
            • They must report the amount of their expenditures on California candidates or ballot measures and disclose the sources of those funds (FPPC Reg. 18215)
          • Candidates
            • The personal funds of a candidate or officeholder used to seek or hold elective office are contributions and count toward qualifying as a recipient committee
              • However, personal funds used to pay a candidate filing fee or a fee for the statement of qualifications to appear in the ballot pamphlet do not count toward the $1,000.00 threshold
        • For detailed information on campaign reporting requirements and the Information Practices Act of 1977, see the FPPC Campaign Disclosure Manual
        • FPPC Advice
        • Instructions for Statement of Organization
          • Statement Type:
            • Initial
              • The "date qualified" as a committee is the date that the committee received contributions totaling $1,000.00 or more during a calendar year
            • Amendment
              • If any of the information reported on an initial statement of organization changes
                • Mark the amendment box;
                • Include the committee's ID number and name;
                • Provide the changed information; and
                • Complete the verification
              • Candidates:
                • Under certain circumstances, a candidate for local office may amend the Form 410 to indicate that he or she is seeking another term of the same office (re-election)
                • A candidate for state office must open a separate committee for each term of office and may not amend the Form 410 to redesignate an election committee
            • Termination
              • List the committee's identification number and indicate the date of termination
          • 1. Committee Information:
            • Provide the full name of the committee
              • A committee may use only one name
            • The committee's street address must be reported
              • A post office box is not acceptable
              • The committee's mailing address must also be reported if it is different from the committee's street address
                • A post office box is acceptable for the mailing address
            • A committee's "domicile" is its address as listed on the Form 410
              • Los Angeles is the county of domicile for committees located outside California
            • Identify the jurisdiction where the committee is active.
              • For example, a city committee lists the name of the city
            • Committee Name Requirements
              • The following committee name rules apply to the Form 410, the committee's campaign statements, and to any other references to the committee required by law
                • See the instructions for Part 4 for committee definitions
              • Candidate Controlled Committees (including ballot measure committees):
                • Any committee that is controlled by a state or local candidate or officeholder must include the last name of the candidate in the name of the committee
                • In addition, the following rules also apply:
                  • An election committee controlled by one or more state or local candidates must also include the office the candidate(s) is seeking and the year of the election
                    • e.g., Friends of Smith for Assembly 20XX, Jones for Council 20XX
                  • An officeholder committee set up by a state officeholder must also include the office held, the year the officeholder was elected to the current term of office, and the words "Officeholder Account," as part of the committee name
                    • e.g., Anderson Assembly 20XX Officeholder Account
                  • A legal defense fund set up by a state or local candidate or officeholder must also include the words "Legal Defense Fund" as part of the committee name
                    • e.g., Senator Smith Legal Defense Fund
                  • A ballot measure committee controlled by one or more state candidates must also state that it is a ballot measure committee
              • Sponsored Committees:
                • A sponsored committee (including most political action committees) must include the full name of its sponsor in the name of the committee
                • If the committee has more than one sponsor and the sponsors are members of an industry or other identifiable group, include a term identifying that industry or group
              • Primarily Formed Committees
                • Ballot Measures:
                  • The name of each committee primarily formed to support or oppose a ballot measure must include:
                    • A statement identifying the ballot measure(s) number or letter and whether it supports or opposes the measure(s)
                      • e.g., Committee For Proposition/Measure ___ or Committee Against Proposition/Measure ___
                    • The name must include the economic or other special interests of its major donors of $50,000.00 or more, in descending order based on the amount contributed to the committee
                      • The list of these economic or special interests may not be interspersed with constituencies such as "concerned citizens, or consumers"
                    • The name of any state or local candidate that contributes $50,000.00 or more
                    • Prior to the designation of the ballot measure number, a primarily formed ballot measure committee controlled by a state candidate must also state that it is a ballot measure committee
                      • e.g., Senator Gomez's Ballot Measure Committee
                • Recalls:
                  • Each committee established for a recall election must include the name of the officeholder subject to the recall
                  • If the committee is not controlled by the officeholder, the committee must state its support or opposition
                    • e.g., Committee Opposing the Recall of Council Member Doe
                • Supporting or Opposing a Candidate:
                  • The name of each committee primarily formed to support or oppose a state or local candidate(s) being voted on in a single election, other than a recall election, must include the name of each candidate, the offices sought, the year of the election, and must state whether the committee supports or opposes the candidate(s)
                    • e.g., Committee to Support Doe for Senate 20XX
      • Form 501 - Candidate Intention Statement
        • May submit immediately
      • Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interest
      • Campaign Disclosure Manual 1: Information for State Candidates, Their Controlled Committees, and Primarily Formed Committees for State Candidates
      • California Fair Political Practices Commission "Frequently Asked Questions: Campaign Activity"

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