The new gonverenment of the Union of Myanmar, want to creat the National Youth Policy. Therefore ,Most of the Local Youth Activists are organized and held as #Myf2016 Myanmar Youth Forum which was held in Monywar City from 11.6.16 to 13.6.16. In this forum ,me and #LGBT_Local_Youth_Activists were demand the #LGBT_Inclusive in the #National Youth Policy. However , Most of the youths representatives who came for 14 Regional and Devisional level of Myanmar were neglected , dicriminated, and rejected the LGBT inclusive in the #National youth policy. If the only straights creat the National Youth policy, it is not covered and protected the LGBT Youth Community in Myanmar. We are still demanding the LGBT inclusiveness in the youth policy. This is Our Rights! LGBTIQ are Youths!Please give some advice and say something for LGBT inclusiveness in Youth Poicy

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I am a transgender in Myanmar. I am working in SCI ( ွSave the Children international) as a community development facilitator. Moreover I am the LGBT activist in the local and Freelance Trainer of the LGBT right in the Colors Rainbow Organization in Myanmar. I do many social works and activities especially human rights and development sector


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