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2.Daw Aung Su Kyi is the most powerful woman is legend of the Burmese Democracy Revolution. She is looks like the Mahattama Gandhi and Nelson medellar in the early politician. She arrested again and again but she never gives up in order to get the Democracy in Myanmar. I think that the coming senators and governments who are voted by the Myanmar Citizen and so it is the positive changing in the History of the Union of Myanmar. But it is not logically the fact that the President is the Under  the control of the Daw Aung San Su Kyi. In the US no one is above the president Obama and the Olympic . It can never seen the true Democracy Legend. I am so excited how she gives the order for her fellowships in the coming Parliament life time.


3.Yes , I think so . Most  of the systems has  the pros and cons .If  there  is the breaking of human rights and other rights and properties  of  citizens , the country need for the true powerful defender. Moreover , The unfaithful promise of the politicians have to against  by the strength of defender movements. In my option ,the true defenders can monitoring and evaluating for every parliaments and its members. Citizen are need them to fight for their rights.


4. The President of Myanmar should be the below facts

  • He is willing to do good change in every sector of  the whole country
  • He has the enough political experiences  and great morality for  the whole country
  • He want to scarified his life for his country

Not to many more facts, at least he is the novel for his country . After four months ending the election , National League for Democracy is not announcing any person who are selected as a President.


6. Election Process in Myanmar

The voter list is the difficult issue in Myanmar and it has still the many problem  in Myanmar. The voter list is not always  right and covered the whole country.

The CSOs and INGO are actively  observed in the election process.

There is so many campaign in social media such as facebook and people canvassed too many hate speech for both USDP Party and NLD party vise versa in electioneering process.

The pressed media are emphasize to the news of NLD. Thus the individual participants and the man who really can work can’t get voting in Election.

Myanmar Election is Fighting the two powerful parties USDP and NLD.

Most of the celebries who are canvassed for USDP are fighting hate speeches in  the Social Media.


And others Questions are depends on your mindcepts.






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I am a transgender in Myanmar. I am working in SCI ( ွSave the Children international) as a community development facilitator. Moreover I am the LGBT activist in the local and Freelance Trainer of the LGBT right in the Colors Rainbow Organization in Myanmar. I do many social works and activities especially human rights and development sector


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