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Opening Statement:

​We the players of Eagle Rock High School Girls Basketball strive to be the best student-athletes we can be, to represent our program and school in all aspects of life. We expand the foundation of our program by pioneering ideals, values, and methods. With a committed and humbled approach, we embrace every situation we encounter, and actualize our aspirations.

Core Values


On our path to greatness, we encounter challenges that require an outlook with an open mindset. We show our character through our integrity and respect.


We voice our opinions and ideas in order to collaborate with others effectively to build trust and strengthen our program.


We accept our outcome regardless of our situation. Our maturity and self-management leads to our sustained success.


The sacrifices we willingly make for our program are honored, and we are trusted to stay loyal to ourselves and teammates.


We take full accountability of our actions to show that we are mature individuals who follow guidelines in regards to not only our program, but in life as well.

We yearn to stay on our path to greatness. Incorporating these core values into our daily lifestyle requires DESIRE.







How we do anything is how we do everything.

We recognize that challenges are inevitable, but we are inspired to overcome them. With each other's support, we will remain on our chosen path.

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I am starting varsity returner for Eagle Rock Girls Basketball. As an individual, I am captain who will follow and enforce the Covenants we have established together and for our program.


  • #NextGen Delegate

    Just wanted everyone to know that this is very well done, and it reminds me of bylaws and articles of incorporation, so this is a good skillset to have, since basicly what I am implying is when people go through the legal process of starting a company or organization this is the framework, so indeed a good thought process to go through.

    - Joshua Chit Tun

  • #NextGen Delegate

    This document will be included in our onboarding process for the following email lists we will generate via Constant Contact: Players Email List, Sponsors Email List, and Alumni and Community Email List.

    If you are not sure what I am referring to, please direct your questions to Mr. Kramer or you may text me here.

    Note this document should be updated every year as it applies.

    Let's do this.

    - Joshua Chit Tun, #rebelsenator

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