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In my research in regards to those with disabilities and in my current personal experiences I want to continue our efforts in making a difference and showing that people do care. This takes coordination and much research further partnering with organizations who have similar goals. Selma Čivić of Center za obrazovnje Astra Zeneca has shared her current proposal and after reviewing it, I would like to have a discussion and then move forward.

Here is the attached file: Centar za obrazovanje Astra Zenica Operational and Strategic Plan

Something to consider in California for those who qualify, select individuals with disabilities receive 1,000 dollars per month more or less depending on their situation. If I was to select a million people from the general population in California for above said benefits, it would cost the state over 500 billion dollars in the next 50 years. Keep in mind if I was to also apply this same scenario to students, beginning from age 20 until they turn 70, survey a million as a sample of the general student population in California, that number would also exceed, it is evident that problems exist, so before a solution can be developed, I want to better define the problem. Note as this sample grows older the costs of living increases, that being said it is clear to me that the elderly needs aide in every way as much as any other group. Developing solutions that discriminates another sector in the population does not improve the situation but only makes it worse.

This can further be discussed.

As for an organization to consider in our efforts is Lions International. I do believe they share the same goals.

The information outlined below may provide further insight, read as it applies.
This is my private inbox on FB with Selma Civic:

Conversation started Tuesday

  • Serenity Love
    Serenity Love

    This is Joshua, I just sent you a message recently via the STUDENTdirect FB page.

    - J.C.

    • Wednesday
    • Selma Čivić
      Selma Čivić


      My english is not very good

      Hope so that we could understand each other

      I get ur msg

      And here I am for all conversations, plans etc

      • Serenity Love
        Serenity Love

        That works great, when you get the chance please sign up via www.STUDENTdirect.me

        My group is making a page for STUDENTdirect International, we use this site to keep things transparent further to make it easier to do press releases to raise funds as need be and coordinate volunteers.

        Follow the prompts as best as you can, I am pretty sure you can use google translator.

        I already having something in mind as for what you mentioned and the groups I work with have chapters and volunteers all over the world.

        Thank you.

        - Joshua Chit Tun

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        • Selma Čivić
          Selma Čivić

          I understand everithing

          but my writing is not very god

          my engl is simple grin emoticon

          • Selma Čivić
            Selma Čivić

            I am working like volounter a long time

            what i NEED to pu in area of referral


            reffered by

            yoir name



            I am at site registered and will try to make some presentation

            during 2 weeks

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