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Wade H. Azer is trying to compile some footage to pitch for a documentary on talented, young people. He wants to highlight the YoungINC.LA community and YoungINC.LA Brands since YoungINC.LA epitomizes the contest's spirit.

One of the subjects will be

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#NextGen Advocate

BZ Speakeasy

Back by popular demand! Boogiezone cordially invites you to experience a show like never before - "The BZ Speakeasy." Transport yourself to a time and place where an underground community of artists escaped to meet secretly in order to express themse

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+Advisors (+Ad), +Interns (+I), +Management (+Ma), +Multimedia (+Mu), +Representatives (+R), and +Talent (+Ta) needed to create an electronic press kit (E.P.K.).
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Bulletins and the appropriate categories will help you collaborate with the appropriate members in events, castings, tryouts, collaborations, etc.
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