Follow Joshua Chit Tun as he campaigns to be the youngest U.S. senator. He is a #NextGenLeaders candidate by Initiating Community Action.

One person is not the solution. It will take an entire generation, not only in the U.S. but every nation where students feel the need to make true change. This is a global movement.

As a leader, not only does he advocate but he does. He founded STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation because he believed the importance of community giving.

Who inspires him? His grandfather, Walter Chit Tun, M.D, an amazing man who maybe forgotten, but he should be forever remembered as he truly represents all that for which #NextGenLeaders stand.

Why can Chit Tun lead? Chit Tun has a history of innovation, community development, and leadership, inspired by the history and vision of his grandfather.

For those who want to join Chit Tun's vision, those risk takers, those student leaders, those community organizers, those activists, join YoungINC.LA.

We consist of volunteers, mentors, and interns just like you. Join us to be part of an international network of journalists that report on news that matter to you. Your news can be featured on publications such as mySTUDENTdirect™ , YoungINC.LA, STUDENTdirect.TV, ARTiSTdirect, and more.


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