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STUDENTdirect helps students gain experience by collaboration and solving real-world problems. Students can join or create three school clubs:

STUDENTdirect facilitates these clubs through the following divisions:

  • STUDENTdirect Studios
    • Offers an educational curriculum that excels in applied learning through a variety of media projects and cultivates creative spaces through their partners
  • STUDENTdirect Productions
    • Facilitates students to volunteer on multiple projects, gain valuable experience, and further their exposure
  • STUDENTdirect Publications
    • Manages online publications that help accomplishes STUDENTdirect's objective to propagate professional development
  • STUDENTdirect International
    • Represents the will of the students around the world. We vote on important international issues annually, and, subsequently, we work to overcome these global problems in unity

Learn more at mySTUDENTdirect.org.

#NextGen Advocate

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