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Program for Interviewing Joshua Chit Tun
  • STUDENTdirect
    • STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation is a privately held company that operates through the following organizations: STUDENTdirect International, STUDENTdirect Studios, STUDENTdirect Productions, STUDENTdirect Publications, and Initiating Community Action.

      We also manage the following programs: Multi Ethnic Cultural Association and MECA Entertainment.

      We believe it is important to develop partnerships in our community. We do so through the following: STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative and ICA Displaced Initiative.

      When it comes to our philanthropy, our community giving is focused in the following four areas: STUDENTdirect Save World Project, STUDENTdirect Pre- Internship Project, STUDENTdirect Scholarships Project, and STUDENTdirect Performing and Visual Arts Project.

  • Chit Tun Group
    • The Chit Tun Group primary objective is to make strategic investments in companies that improve the quality of living for those who reside in third world communities and to encourage innovation.

      When it comes to philanthropical efforts the Chit Tun Group works closely with the Chit Tun Foundation.

      The Chit Tun Group is led by Joshua Chit Tun, our current Chairman, he is the grandson of Dr. Walter Chit Tun, a man who was very fundamental in the development of the Chit Tun Group and Chit Tun Foundation.

      Currently the Chit Tun Group has companies worldwide and its Foundation has invested into philanthropies that operate internationally.

      To conclude we are very excited that Chairman Joshua Chit Tun will be making a competitive bid for the US Senate in 2017.

      We welcome you in all that we do, we appreciate your feedback.
  • STUDENTdirect Studios
    • STUDENTdirect Studios is available for STUDENTdirect and YoungINC.LA subscribers. We promote and facilitate our subscribers projects.

      We work closely with STUDENTdirect Productions and YoungINC.LA. Further we are partnered with groups like JB Entertainment Group and JB Talent Group.
    • Not only are we focused on an educational curriculum that excels in applied learning through a variety of multi media projects but we are also focused on cultivating creative spaces through our partners. It is through a collaborative effort through schools and community groups like Boogiezone Utopia that we are able to achieve this.

      In our efforts to improve on education, there is a need for STUDENTdirect Studios and this is just the beginning.

      Joshua Chit Tun

      Chairman, STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation
  • STUDENTdirect Productions
    • We are constantly looking for ways to improve.
    • We offer a program that allows students to volunteer on multiple projects, gain valuable experience, and further their exposure.
    • The degree of difficulty varies on the type of production.
    • We operate thru studios provided by institutions, public access, members, partners, and sponsors.
    • We do a variety of multi-media events through our partners and sponsors.
    • We are always looking for strategic partnerships.
    • Our production content can be viewed on public access and exclusive web forums.
    • "Creativity is only the beginning, execution is everything"
    • Beauty Boyz 1st Cut from Jenny Sanchez on Vimeo.

      Edited by Jenny Sanchez

  • #NextGenLeaders
    • #NextGenLeaders are a new class of world leaders that are changing the world through education, community organization, and politics.
    • #NextGenLeaders believe that a younger perspective is needed in leadership, for all politics affect future generations. As #NextGenLeaders we have a responsibility to make sure our future generations can prosper.

      We want to encourage other #NextGenLeaders to become part of this movement and help us change the world as one.
#NextGen Advocate

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