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"The homelessness crisis continues to grow in Los Angeles, but Jovenes has been rapidly expanding to meet this need. On any given night, over 6,150 youth experience homelessness on the streets of Los Angeles, a 17% increase since 2013, but only 1,000 shelter beds are dedicated to this population."

At Jovenes, which means youth
 in Spanish, they help young men, ages 18-25, leave homelessness behind. A home and family for those without, Jovenes provides an innovative program of stable housing options, compassionate care, life skills training, and employment support to young adults seeking a path to life change. Their mission is to help homeless and at-risk youth become productive and integrated members of our community. Many of their youth come from group homes, foster care, or the probation department; others are simply no longer able to live with their families or cannot afford to live alone. These youth are legal adults and have the desire to turn their lives around but frequently lack the skills and support mechanisms necessary for self-sufficiency. Jovenes goes deep with each youth they serve, focusing on housing stability, employment and education, access to healthcare and benefits, and recovery from childhood trauma. They empower those they serve so they can develop healthy relationships and make meaningful contributions to the community we share. Each year they provide housing. 

In late 2015, Jovenes was approached by Initiating Community Action, a volunteer program of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation overseen by Cameron Coe, as well as Las Hermanas Aliadas at Occidental College, directed by Jennifer Susana Vasquez. The purpose was to host an event to recognize the youth as well address the need to get involved in the displaced initiative. NextGenLeadersJoshua Chit Tun & Ramon Barajas III, two of LA's youngest risk takers who have a history of being involved with the community also reached out and got involved. Since, other organizations have joined the cause. 

The "Jovenes Youth Awards Gala" is to be held at the Los Angeles Wellness Center within the historical General Hospital on April 8, 2016 from 7pm to 9:30pm which happens to be the second Friday of the month. This event will be an awards ceremony to recognize the youth who have transitioned from the program into the community. This night will also consist of live performances thanks to the generosity of  Boogiezone Beyond and its creative brainchild Elm Pizarro.

Stay tuned for more updates, news, and information. Here is an in depth look of how Jovenes impacts displaced youth.

This is what the Los Angeles Times had to say, "LA is working to count a hidden population - homeless young people", read the full story, for more information contact


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