Jonathan Blair, Prepares his foray into California State Assembly as the youngest Statesman

Meet Jonathan Blair, California's youngest statesman in American history, is preparing his bid for California State Assembly in 2016.  Blair - philosopher, statesman, comedian, entertainer, writer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, innovator, inventor , and alpha - was born in Ridgecrest, CA to a middle-class, American family. As a Millennial, he identifies with the youth and working-class communities. He believes in the common decency owed to all members of the human race. He has a passion for serving and leading. Along the way, he has developed a crucial awareness of an apparent lack of strong communities. This has led him to pursue a lifelong journey across the arts and sciences.

In 2008, he received the highest honor awarded in the Boy Scouts, the rank of Eagle Scout.  He was the first in his family to receive this award. Over the past seven years he has relentlessly pursued knowledge through self-study and by attending various community colleges. He has also served in various occupations gaining a better understanding of the world and the wonderful people who fill it. He currently serves as the Vice President of Operations as part of STUDENTdirect International.

Blair possesses a strong ability to listen along with an enjoyment of working with others to create the solutions that will relight the embers of community. In 2016, Blair looks to restore our legacy, forge a new future and be a driving force that guides this generation to success. He hopes that this will inspire other young leaders to step up and lead this generation to overcome all obstacles and come together as one.  His perspective and unique insight moves him to the perfect opportunity and provides him with the motivation to rebuild America, one community at a time. Through so doing, America can change the world.

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