Akhawaty Incorporated was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping the less fortunate in the community. Akhawaty Incorporated’s primary mission is to provide support, security, and stability to families who are homeless or facing homelessness. For those interested in supporting community organizations like Akhawaty whose purpose is to help those who are less fortunate, you can do so by going to their official website and support a program that most interests you. Do more @ www.Akhawaty.org

We had the opportunity of discussing with Ernestine, Founder and President of Akhawaty, Inc. what were her goals for the upcoming year, to say the least it is admirable, and as we learned more it is clear to us that organized volunteers, engaged donors, and strategic partnerships would be critical in the direction she will be taking Akhawaty, Inc. As this year comes to an end she stressed the importance of supporting the Warm Heads Warm Hearts campaign. She put it in the proper framework, when you go outside at night and its cold, what do you do, turn on the heater in your home, well these individuals, these people do not have a thermostat that they can simply just turn on, they just have to deal with the cold night. If you would like to learn more and see how your donation can help this campaign, you can be the change through the following link @ www.Akhawaty.org/BeTheChange

Moving forward to really make a difference in the lives of such communities, it is important to share there stories and help establish relationships. Early on this year, Joshua Chit Tun of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation learned about the group through a friend and since has been involved. Early on it started with the volunteer program Initiating Community Action and YoungINC.LA. Learn about this development via the following link (Akhawaty - YoungINC.LA Development). Joshua Chit Tun joined the board as the outreach coordinator. Joshua serves as the chairman of several nonprofit organizations within the United States, and brings years of experiences and countless relationships with other community centered organizations. Joshua joined Akhawaty Incorporated at a critical point in the growth of the organization. He is also currently the youngest candidate bidding for the U.S. Senate in 2016.

According to Joshua Chit Tun, this is what he had to say, "It has always been my intentions to establish and mobilize volunteers in the San Diego area. After my conference call with the Founder of Akhawaty, Ernestine Neely, I have found an initiative that meets both STUDENTdirect and Initiating Community Action's criteria. In the next three months the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation will be mobilizing volunteers by reaching out to the colleges and high schools located in San Diego."

Akhawaty's Incorporated's call to action is simple: "We will continue to grow as an organization to bring awareness about the homeless and displaced, and we will continue to need the support of our fellow volunteers.* To that end, we have a variety of ongoing projects that are geared to providing support to this population. Our projects today are focused on addressing the needs of the displaced in various ways, and over time we are taking steps to further develop them so that we can continue to positively influence the lives of our constituents." 

Stay Connected with Akhawaty via the following:

Website: www.Akhawaty.org

Facebook: Akhawaty Incorporated

Twitter: @Akhawaty

Instagram: Akhawaty

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