#TeamRuxyFTW, Looking for Team Members for E.P.K.

Hi! I am Ruxanda Calistru, a very accomplished singer and dancer. I am working currently on my Electronic Press Kit (E.P.K.). I am looking to create a solid team, and I would be happy to have you be a part of it. In order to make this production come true, I need to put together a team consisting of the following:

  • +Advisors (+Ad)
    • sponsors
  • +Interns (+I)
    • social media managers
  • +Management (+Ma)
    • talent managers
    • music producers
  • +Multimedia (+Mu)
    • sound engineers
    • designers
    • make-up artists
    • hair stylists
    • photographers
    • videographers
  • +Representatives (+R)
    • publicists
    • agents
  • +Talent (+Ta)
    • choreographers

For anybody who is interested to work with me, join my YoungINC.LA Brand, #TeamRuxyFTW, and put down what you can do in the comments section.

Check out #TeamRuxyFTW.

I am looking forward to working with you!

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