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To be JB Talent, you must show that you are willing to be a leader in your industry, if you have an idea waiting to be unleashed, if you have a vision that cannot be matched, if you cannot be stopped, if you have a team of peers that matches your passion, then you are eligible to become JB Talent.

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JB Talent Represents YoungINC.LA


JB Talent helps you represent yourself in the industry by giving you the tools you need to be successful:

  • JB Talent members have @jbtalent.info e-mail addresses to help convey their commitment to change their industry and to each other
  • Access to world-class talent that is brokered by JB Talent and JB Entertainment
  • Tools that helps members communicate and collaborate in real-time anywhere in the world
  • Concierge services to help distribute content on JB Entertainment networks, emerging media, and as well as traditional media internationally

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As you have experienced, YoungINC.LA is a unique, top-of-the-line, creative place, but do you know what makes you have the YoungINC.LA Advantage?

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YoungINC.LA is an online community where team members help each other build résumés, create content, and develop brands.

Each interaction on YoungINC.LA builds up your résumé--demonstrating your leadership and teambuilding skills in a way clearer than traditional paper résumé, job interview, or what exists today.

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