Chairman Joshua Chit Tun updated their résumé
Jan 13
Finishing up research and organizing thoughts, will be moving forward with new integrations specifi…
Chairman Joshua Chit Tun updated their résumé
Jan 3
The brand Beauty Boyz: Web Series was featured
Dec 20, 2018


The new gonverenment of the Union of Myanmar, want to creat the National Youth Policy. Therefore ,Most of the Local Youth Activists are organized and held as #Myf2016 Myanmar Youth Forum which was held in Monywar City from 11.6.16 to 13.6.16.…

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#NextGen Delegate
Violence based on ethnic differences consumes our nation. If we are to progress, we must understand that we are humanity and life is worth living. To be united, it starts with our communities; it starts with each of us. From my observations, we must…
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