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Researching on a variety of community programs in Detroit. From personal experiences I am indeed lo…
Chairman Joshua Chit Tun replied to Ramon Barajas's bulletin, Unite and Conquer | Foreword from Janet Napolitano, in NextGenLeaders International
"Interesting, and yes its important to look at values, build coalitions, and to work together regard…"
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Chairman Joshua Chit Tun read Ramon Barajas's submission Unite and Conquer | Foreword from Janet Napolitano in NextGenLeaders International
Finishing up another set of revisions on .LA, looking forward to implementing the new integrations…

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Violence based on ethnic differences consumes our nation. If we are to progress, we must understand that we are humanity and life is worth living. To be united, it starts with our communities; it starts with each of us. From my observations, we must…
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